Lets make the world Better Together !

The Product

The Product

Next Level Digital Currency: Ovato Coin (OVO)
Super fast: 1 second
Cost: About: $.01- Anywhere -Anytime!

Purpose: Helping people take back there power and be there own bank. Hold there own money in the own wallets

Because our money-is OUR money!

Full Circle Economy

Mission and Oppurtunity


Together let's help people get back and pointed in the right direction financially

We provide you and your network all the tools necessary

  • Great compensation package
  • Proven blueprint for success
  • Daily content
  • On going tools and support
  • Top notch 90 day tracking


Never before in history have people been connected and ready for a change!

  • Central is broke everywhere !
  • We are at a turning point in history and people are looking for new solutions !
  • There has never been more opportunities to help people embrace this new new way of doing things
  • We have developed the perfect opportunity to make money on a full or part time basis helping others onboard and use Ovato

3 Great Ways to Earn

Memberships and Wallets

Earn great residuals on all members. Build a residual income each and every month. The easiest way to onboard new users is with a free wallet and earn anywhere from $2 to $20 per new wallet


Earn 25% on your members NFT purchases ranging from $1000-$10,000. Also earn money in your NFT yourself and sell for compounding earnings

Building Wealth

  • Earn OVO on your merchants and members
  • Residual OVO earnings on your NFT sales
  • Earn OVO on networks stacking

Sign Up Notice

You need a Sponsor to gain access. If you dont have one chat us at Ovato.com to get one.

Coming Soon!