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  • Great Compensation Package
  • Royalties Forever
  • Assets that Appreciate
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4.8 stars

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If you're here -you just proved it for yourself

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  • The person who referred you has already earned on you!
  • This person will continue to make overrides every time you use Ovato forever!
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Bulletproof Security

All transactions done over the
Blockchain and settled in 10 seconds

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Fast and Easy Interface

End to end solution that allows users to
do transactions in about a second

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You are your own bank

Your money is your own -no custodial
agents whatsoever. You are your own bank

earn on the entire ecosystem

Once user is in the ecosystem you earn on all activities forever

Ecosystem Ecosystem
You Level 1 and Level 2 You Level 1 and Level 2

Get Ready

Super affiliates
earn to levels deep

  • Earn on all activities 2 levels
  • Worldwide Royalties on all activities
  • Earn Forever!

3 Great Ways to Earn


Memberships and Wallets

Earn great residuals on all members. Build a residual income each and every month. The easiest way to onboard new users is with a free wallet and earn anywhere from $2 to $20 per new wallet

Business in a box to sell

Exit Plan

Earn 25% on your members NFT purchases ranging from $1000-$10,000. Also earn money in your NFT yourself and sell for compounding earnings

Accumulating value

Building Wealth

  • Earn OVO on your merchants and members
  • Residual OVO earnings on your NFT sales
  • Earn OVO on networks stacking

Sign Up Notice

You need a Sponsor to gain access. If you dont have one chat us at to get one.

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Content available to Wallet holders only.

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Need Help

Finance Now!

Need some help to finance -no problem we got you! Your initial earnings will go towards the payment, and there is a charge of 10% to do so

Max Term
Min Down
Finance Charge 10%
Max Term 30 days
Min Down $300
Charge 10% $150
Max Term 60 days
Min Down $500
Charge 10% $300
Max Term 90 days
Min Down $750
Charge 10% $500

We are updating the apps and

re-launching in May 2024